Upcoming Events

Sep 17 7:30pm

Season Debut and Album Release

Crossroads Theater + Google Map
Sep 20 2:00pm

Season Debut and Album Release

Nomad Theater + Google Map
Oct 22 7:30pm


Overland Crossing + Google Map


Inside the Performer’s Mind

Performing on stage in front of an audience as a musician is a multi-faceted activity. We learn the music well, so well in fact that we can adapt if something doesn’t happen the way we’ve practiced it. We need to understand not only the notes themselves, but the meaning behind each piece as a whole.[...]Read more

Pre-order our new CD, Divergence, before September 17 and you'll be automatically entered into a drawing for a chance to win a pair of tickets to a 2015-2016 Sphere show of your choice! Click on link below for more details.