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An Ode to Chamber Music

I’ll admit it. When I was 14, I had no plans on being a violinist for the rest of my life. At least not in the capacity that I am now. I had grand ambitions. I dreamed of being a Broadway star, singing and dancing my way into the hearts of every musical-theater loving person[...]Read more

Sphere Ensemble is Denver’s exciting new chamber ensemble, freeing itself from the confines of the baton and presenting the power and richness of the string orchestra paired with the intimacy of a string quartet. They are transforming the way audiences experience classical music concerts through innovative programming, authentic interaction with audiences, and the highest level of artistry. Each of their live shows features many styles from Bach to Johnny Greenwood. Regardless of the programming, their love for the music and unique energy always comes through. Check out upcoming shows or join our email list to hear the latest happenings about Sphere and come to one of the best live music concerts in Colorado