Season Six: Inspirations

Photo by Danielle Lirette

Hey, Sphere Fans! Welcome to Sphere’s Sixth Season, Inspirations! Inspiration can be found anywhere and strike at any moment. Inspiration is the spark that leads to the creation of amazing works of art. This season Sphere is offering a four concert sampling of amazing pieces of music and the inspiration that brought them into being.[…]Read more


Darwin Tree of Life

Welcome to Sphere’s fifth season, Evolution! Everything changes.  We grow up, we make mistakes, we learn, we grow some more.  Cities change, people change, tastes change.  I’m not talking about the huge earth-shattering change of epidemic or disaster or luck, but the small, every day changes.  The little experiences that build up over time, shaping[…]Read more

Many Happy Returns

David Short Cello Sphere Ensemble

Hey, everyone, it’s tax season! That happy time between January 1st and April 15th where the entire country must file some sort of paperwork that mentions income gained, deductions made and what we possibly owe our national, state and local governments for the services that they provide us!  Hooray! Musicians, like everyone else, file tax[…]Read more

Creations Concert: An Arranger’s Perspective

Creation Concert Scores

This Sunday, Sphere Ensemble has the pleasure of performing the compositions of students from the Davinci Center for the Creative Arts. This Creations Concert features 57 original student compositions, 52 of which were given to Sphere arrangers to translate from piano, guitar, percussion, violin and trumpet pieces into works for a 13 piece string orchestra.[…]Read more