Season Six: Inspirations

Hey, Sphere Fans!

Welcome to Sphere’s Sixth Season, Inspirations!

Inspiration can be found anywhere and strike at any moment. Inspiration is the spark that leads to the creation of amazing works of art. This season Sphere is offering a four concert sampling of amazing pieces of music and the inspiration that brought them into being. We’re crafting new arrangements, and digging through our old favorites to put these shows together. We hope you hear music you haven’t heard before and experience the music you already know in a new way. We can’t do this without you, so get your tickets now, and maybe bring along a friend or two! We’ll see you soon.

September: It’s About Time

Time plays a prominent role in our lives. We keep track of the minutes, hours and days (Poulenc’s Nocturnes). We mark the passage of time when seasons change (Vivaldi’s Autumn), years end, and our birthdays come around (When I’m 64). Our memories and histories let us recall the past (Que Tiempo Aquel; For the Longest Time). We measure time in music in order to have rhythm and tempo (Blue Rondo a la Turk). Sphere offers a sampling of music from many genres and eras that was influenced by the concept of time.

September 10th – 7:30pm – D.L. Parsons Theatre at the Northglenn Recreation Center, Northglenn, CO – Tickets

September 11th – 2pm – Studios at Overland Crossing, Denver, CO – Tickets

October: Dreams and Hallucinations

Whether during sleep or while staring off into the distance, dreams let the mind wander freely. The dreaming mind can lead an artist to find new possibilities the conscious brain could not. The dream-inspired music on this program might depict an imagined story line or the surreal setting of a hallucination.

October 22nd – 7:30pm– D.L. Parsons Theatre at the Northglenn Recreation Center, Northglenn, CO – Tickets

October 23rd – 2:00pm – Studios at Overland Crossing, Denver, CO – Tickets 

February: Relationships

An artist’s relationships are a rich source of inspiration. From connections with those they love and cherish — and with those they don’t — an artist can find boundless experience and emotion to shape their creations.  In this concert we explore music inspired by various types of human relationships.

February 18th – 7:30pm – Studios at Overland Crossing, Denver, CO – Tickets

February 19th – 2:00pm – Broomfield Auditorium, Broomfield CO – Tickets 

May: Snapshots

From commemorating travels to immortalizing their friends, composers often create musical scrapbooks of their lives. Our season finale is full of musical portraits and postcards recording the spirit of people and places in sound.

May 21st – 2:00pm – Studios at Overland Crossing – Tickets