Sphere in Schools


Art and culture sustain us as human beings. Spherists believe that understanding and appreciating artistry, in all forms, is vital not just for today’s generations, but also those of the future.  By bringing our programs into schools, Sphere strives to broaden and enlighten the minds of young people, giving them the opportunity and knowledge to enjoy art in their own way.

Sphere at Ft. Logan Northgate 3-8

Sphere’s “Muppet Theme and Variations” teaches students some of the basic elements of music and demonstrates how changing those elements can change the genre of the music. Musical examples from different genres give context to each variation and build connections between musical styles that are familiar and unfamiliar.


Sphere at Bravo! Vail

When Sphere was invited to take part in Bravo! Vail’s Winter Residency, we created a workshop for middle school students that highlighted non-verbal communication and how an individual part fits within a whole. We asked the kids to conduct us without speaking. Then, as seen in the video, Spherists taught groups of students different percussion parts to go along with a string quartet version of Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us.” These students performed with Sphere at a school assembly the following day.