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Kabin Thomas, Host, CPR Classical:
"I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experience that I had yesterday with Sphere at the Mercury cafe.I believe you are an important part of classical music evolution. A small, versatile ensemble that can perform anywhere and do basically anything, and do it very very well.
The Elgar put a lot of people, including myself, in tears. The Stevie Wonder was too cool. The Beatles were the same. Everything on the program was terrific and professional and meaningful!" 

Bach and Lizzo: For these Colorado string musicians, no music is off limits

By Eden Lane

· Mar. 17, 2023, 4:00 am

"When you think of strings — violin, cello, the viola — you probably have a very specific idea of what kind of music you’re about to hear. But a group of Colorado string musicians called Sphere Ensemble is changing minds about their sound, and redefining the genre." 

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