Thanks to the generous support at last year’s fundraising event, in the 2018/2019 season Sphere gave:

  • 5 concerts, in Boulder, Denver, and Westcliffe, CO

  • 7 free outreach performances

    • For residents, staff, and family members at Brookside Inn Skilled Nursing Facility

    • Workshop and play-along with young musicians from El Sistema Colorado

    • For youth, staff, and allies at Rainbow Alley, an LGBTQ+ safe space in Denver

    • 2 performances for K-12 students at Custer County School in Westcliffe, CO

    • At Denver Children’s Hospital 

    • In Bone Marrow Transplant and Oncology Units at Anschutz Cancer Center 

  • Premiered 7 new arrangements


For our 2019/2020 season we aim to expand our reach:

  • 7 concerts in Boulder, Denver, and across the Front Range

  • 8 - 10 outreach events at diverse communities with limited access to live music 

  • More new arrangements made exclusively by Sphere Ensemble

  • Continue to increase compensation for our hardworking musicians


On Monday, January 14th, we had the pleasure of performing for the entire K-12 student body of Custer County School in two 45 minute long presentations.  The elementary students enjoyed learning about different rhythms and the unexpected sounds and special effects we are able to create on our string instruments (especially the sempre pizzicato in Britten's "Playful Pizzicato" from the Simple Symphony, and the multitudinous percussion sounds in our Prince Medley).  The middle and high school students were really taken by Queen and also Regina Spektor's "All the Rowboats."  Alejandro passed the score off to two senior students involved in music sitting in the front row so that they could follow along as we played, which they thought was "really amazing!"  As we left the school that morning, one student recognized us in the hallway and said, "are you the musicians? That was so cool!" -Alex Vittal, Executive Director


"On a snowy night in January, youth and staff packed the small, intimate basement performance space of Rainbow Alley.  ​Rainbow Alley is a safe and brave space supporting LGBTQ youth and their allies ages 11 to 21.  We loved the energy of the audience as we played our mix of music (including Beatles, Jack Jarrett, Prince, Glenn Miller, Mozart, Regina Spektor, Benjamin Britten, and Queen).  At one point, we considered skipping Mozart, but they clamored to hear it, and really enjoyed it!  Definitely the highlight was Britten's Simple Symphony, which began an impromptu discussion about the courage it took for Britten to be a prominent, openly gay man in a time when it was very dangerous to do so, and how we are so grateful for his bravery today, and may it be encouragement for us all to follow Britten's example and pursue our truest selves.  We closed with our rendition of Queen's joyful and celebratory "Don't Stop Me Now," and everyone left feeling energized and inspired by our amazing connection through music and discourse at Rainbow Alley!  -Alex Vittal, Executive Director


We enjoyed getting students to give us different characters and emotions to apply to our music, teaching them different effects on the instruments, and especially, the importance of knowing how to listen. Hearing Sphere's Hallelujah arrangement come together so beautifully at the end of the workshop was such a highlight! -Alejandro Gómez Guillén Artistic Co-Director

 "I loved getting to play next to Sphere!"

   Violin student, El Sistema Colorado


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It was truly moving to be able to share our music with such an appreciative audience of over 75 people. We felt very proud to exemplify the fulfillment of our mission. The post concert surveys indicated that nearly 50% of the residents had not seen a concert within the past year. We helped to fill that void, and it shows that offering events like these to diverse and often neglected communities really matters. -Alejandro Gómez Guillén Artistic Co-Director


"I had never experienced a live concert like this!" 

   Resident, Brookside Inn Skilled Nursing Facility 


"I have been to the symphony once or twice before, but had never gotten a chance to get so close to the musicians"

    Family member of Brookside Inn Skilled Nursing Facility resident



"From fun, energetic concerts at Children’s Hospital Colorado to educational performances at Title I schools to a multi-day, free interactive workshop and concert at Broomfield Public Library, Sphere is truly dedicated to their mission of “engaging diverse communities through innovative programming, education, and outreach.”  Part of Sphere's fundraising goal will enable the group to expand their outreach efforts to include 'homeless shelters, juvenile detention centers, women’s shelters, and assisted living and memory care facilities.'" "Joy Moore, read the full article HERE

SPHERE at Children's Hospital

SPHERE in Schools
SPHERE at the Broomfield Library


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