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Engaging diverse communities with string ensemble music through the performance of our innovative arrangements, education, and outreach.


About Sphere Ensemble

Sphere Ensemble was formed in 2011 by professional string players driven to explore the vast potential of the string ensemble repertory.  Moving beyond the stereotype of classical music tradition, Sphere’s programs include both masterpieces of string orchestra repertoire and exceptional works drawn from all genres to create a new definition of modern performance.  Innovative arrangements are written by group members generating a unique and transformative musical experience. 

Performance Excellence and Music Diversity:

We are proud to perform a wide variety of works and genres from classical to jazz to rock to funk to hip hop, and make sure every concert includes outstanding works by composers who have been historically neglected or suppressed. In our two most recent concerts, we have programmed works by composers from Brazil, Poland, Iceland, Armenia, Wales, China, the United States, and the Chickasaw Native American nation, including works by 9 living composers and 11 women composers.


We received this lovely note from Armenian composer Geghuni Chitchyan following our US premiere of her Chamber Symphony in September 2022:

“I listened to the whole concert with great attention and enjoyed it very much because with different styles of musical works, the whole concert was very organic, dynamic, beautiful and interesting. I especially want to note the selection of the program. All the pieces performed are written in a highly professional manner and their performance does honor to the Ensemble."

Original Arrangements:
Sphere musicians have created more than 60 original arrangements over the past 5 years. We choose songs to arrange from a wide range of original sources to build a diverse repertoire tailored to the ensemble's specific instrumentation. This allows us to reach audiences that are new to classical-style programs by performing a mixture of musical styles and breaking down barriers between artist and audience. This also generates new and innovative string ensemble repertoire. 

Outreach Programs: 
Sphere Ensemble produces at least one completely free outreach event for every concert set. We take our entire group of 14 professional musicians to organizations that serve populations that may not have access to live music performances. We perform the same innovative, high quality music from our concert sets, but also tailor each event specifically to the organization that we are partnering with to produce a meaningful performance or workshop for the participant. 

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